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We Offer

CFO Services

We provide rolling cash forecasts, strategic planning, transaction support, and due diligence support for capital sourcing, acquisitions & divestitures.  We will act as a liaison between, attorneys, banks, brokers, agents, buyers, etc


Professional Bookkeeping 

Bookkeeping and reporting are some of the most important parts of your cannabis operation, providing valuable and timely information for use by management and investors. We provide the following services, along with valuable insights, to help your cannabis business grow


Minimize your tax liability under 280e by utilizing our industry-best cost accounting practices and proactive tax planning

With Over 12 Years of Experience, Our Team has the Knowledge and Expertise to Ensure Professional, Accurate, and High Quality Service



Specialized Knowledge That Can Serve Your Needs

While the emerging cannabis industry offers unprecedented opportunities it’s also plagued by a complex and ever-changing regulatory environment. CEO’s have to deal with pain points that other organizations in the US simply don’t have to experience. From the lack of federal tax breaks, high excise and sales tax requirements, regulatory red tape, lack of access to banking, and so much more, thriving and being profitable in this space is difficult to achieve.

Chief CFO addresses these pain points by implementing a world-class accounting system designed specifically for the Cannabis industry. We have the expertise necessary to make sure your financials are accurate and always audit-ready. We use best practice cost accounting techniques to make sure you are maximizing your inventory costs to reduce tax liability to the greatest extent allowable. We work with industry partners to find you better technology solutions to help automate your business functions. Most importantly, we combine all of these skills and our knowledge to help you make better, more effective business decisions that will make you more profitable.

At Chief CFO, we strive to become the Cannabis CEO's most trusted advisor and to cultivate long-lasting relationships. We work with all verticals in the industry across all states.

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