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Practice & Experience

Chief CFO is a cannabis accounting firm working with all types of marijuana businesses including growers, dispensaries, and retailers.

Many businesses in the cannabis industry are plagued by weak accounting practices, a lack of established financial controls, and confusing government regulations, but not our clients. We show business owners how to implement effective accounting and tax strategies designed to optimize profitability, improve workflow, and manage risk. From implementing controls and finding efficient ways to account for inventory to minimizing 280E tax issues and CFO services, we meet all the accounting needs of the cannabis industry. We also monitor the changing tax landscape to keep our clients in compliance with federal and state laws and make sure their financials are always ready for an audit.


Justin Anderson, CPA

The Modern Day CPA

Justin is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.  He has over a decade of private and non-profit accounting experience.  He has served in leadership roles as the Chief Financial Officer of companies with over 200 employees. 

As an entrepreneur, he has successfully operated and grown multiple small businesses.  He also has a passion for helping others grow their financial acumen. 

In his spare time, he is an avid sports fan and can be found passionately rooting for his favorite sports teams.  

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